Proposed Working Groups

From time to time Accellera may establish a Proposed Working Group (PWG) to examine the validity and need for a proposed standards development project. A PWG is authorized to operate up to six (6) months. The purpose of the PWG is to identify interest in a proposed project and report its recommendations to the Accellera Technical Committee.

The purpose of a PWG is mainly to collect requirements for a standardization project, identify potential working group participants, and gain Accellera support to authorize the creation of a new working group to define a standard.

To ensure representation from all impacted parties and balance among the industries affected by a proposed standard, a call for participation is issued when a PWG is formed to ensure materially interested parties can participate. Proposed Working Groups are open to participation by both Accellera members and the community (non-members) subject to Accellera’s Policies & Procedures.

Current PWGs

Clock Domain Crossing Standardization Proposed Working Group

SoC teams cannot reuse IP-level CDC collateral in the SoC environment if both teams use different CDC verification tools. This scenario is causing a CDC verification problem when the SoC teams source IP from IP providers that use a different tool for their own CDC verification. To perform holistic SoC-level verification, additional resources are needed to re-converge the IP with the verification tool used by the SoC team. Redoing IP-level CDC verification is time consuming and labor intensive. Standardization on CDC collateral will bring significant benefit to not only product companies, but also IP design houses, EDA tool companies, and the entire ecosystem. The PWG will collect requirements, identify technical feasibility, identify industry interest and acceptance, and provide a recommendation to start or not start a working group.

The first Proposed Working Group meeting will be held Tuesday, September 13th from 9am – 4pm PT at Intel SC12, 3600 Juliette Lane, Santa Clara, SC12-538. For more information about this PWG, contact us. Read the press release >

The chair of the CDC Proposed Working Group invites you to the initial meeting!

Participants in the PWG need not be from Accellera member companies while in the proposal stage. Companies that have already shown interest in participating in the kick-off meeting include Arm, Cadence, Intel, NVIDIA, NXP, Qualcomm, Siemens EDA, STMicroelectronics and TI.